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Center of excellence 

Access to specialized pool of experts

Turn-key solutions

End-to-end management and delivery

Service center

Products and services with commitment on delivery units

Tailored projects & Services

Complete outsourcing for software development

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Discovery phase

Design phase


Identifying stakeholders, defining project goals, coordinating technical aspects, formalizing scope and requirements, determining the tech stack and team composition, and estimating costs and timeframe are all crucial tasks that can be accomplished through a discovery phase.

The engineers on our team will design a future system with consideration for non-functional requirements such as availability, performance, and scalability. Following completion, we will present the architecture documentation for your review and approval.

To achieve maximum efficiency in software delivery, we utilize a Work Breakdown Structure that involves breaking down the project scope into smaller, organized components. This approach enables you to easily monitor completed and pending tasks.

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Upon receiving notice, we can provide additional maintenance as needed. With our knowledge base of your project, we can quickly resume custom software application development whenever necessary. Typically, it takes us approximately six days to make the necessary adjustments to the process.

We will conduct a comprehensive examination of your tech platform to ensure seamless deployment, whether it is on the cloud or on-premises. User acceptance testing will be performed to confirm that all requirements have been met. Our DevOps team will be responsible for security planning, disaster recovery, and backup procedures.

To maintain the highest level of quality, our team performs code reviews, cross-reviews, and utilizes specialized tools such as SonarQube. We also employ pre-defined types of manual and automated testing. In addition, we continuously monitor the alignment of business requirements with the system.




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Business analysis and business consultancy

We are uniquely specialized to address the needs of public and private organizations from the social security domains, particularly healthcare, and liberal professions.

We also provide Business Process re-engineering and optimization services for the social security domains.

Project management

We offer expertise in project management and extensive experience in projects focused on the implementation of integrated IT systems and the implementation of EU funded IT projects.

In our project management approach  we account for customers' time, cost and quality as well as cultural and organizational constraints.

Software development

We’re skilled and experienced in design and development of large scale web and mobile applications and BPM platforms.

We leverage open source technologies, modern development frameworks and emergent technical architectures and cloud-based services and infrastructures.

We help our customers choose technology stacks that meet their needs whilst ensuring scalability and adaptability for future needs and growth.

We use the Agile and Scrum framework and product development practices to manage all our software development projects. Our development teams work together with the customer teams toward a common goal.

Reusing eu digital service infrastructure

We help public and private organizations re-use the software components provided by the European Commission under CEF DSI in support of national or trans-European digital services:

  • Enabling electronic delivery of data and documents through eDelivery DSI

  • Creating and verifying electronic signatures through eSignature DSI

  • Online services to citizens of other EU Member States through eID DSI

  • Exchange information in social security through use of EESSI DSI

  • Improving prevention, diagnosis, treatment, monitoring and management through eHealth DSI

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